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Hands in the Soil

Learn what it is, who creates it, and what gardeners, farmers, and other land managers can do to start an "upward spiral" of soil health


Follow simple steps to get a snapshot of the microbiology in your soil, compost, or compost tea, so that you can make informed management decisions


Find carefully selected resources here to go deeper in your understanding of soil health and what actions to take next


Is your farm, garden, lawn, or pasture limping along? Or is it vigorous, resilient, and regenerative?

Is your soil microbiology pestering your plants or fortifying them?

Are you applying compost or compost tea without actually knowing what's in it?

Get a soil checkup to discover if the microbiology in your soil and soil amendments is working for or against your plants!

Brian Campbell is trained and experienced in soil microscopy.

He holds a master's degree in agricultural sciences, is a Certified Crop Advisor and
Certified Forage & Grassland Professional, and has worked in agriculture as a technical specialist, college instructor, and land manager.



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